The Steelworkers archives are a rich resource form the people of this community, although that seems to be an unrecognized source of the history of the Pueblo and southern Colorado communities. A few recent examples have come through recently that I was privileged to help with. Most come in simple requests from local people asking for simple information about relatives that once worked for CF&I or one of the mines that were associated with CF&I. Usually. the people that contact us just want to fill in information about dates or want to find out what their relatives may have done while working there, or maybe may be wondering if their relatives name happened to be in one of the weekly newspapers that the company put out. Our archives go back to at least 1910, and have detailed employment records, so we will look them up and give them at a nominal cost any information we might be able to find. Sometimes they will remember an article or photo that was in the paper , “The Blast”, and may just ask us to retrieve it for them. Usually in an attempt to fill in gaps while putting together a geneology record of their family. Many ties it is about the plant or one of the mines. I have looked up a few of these and gathered the information for those requesting it.

The Steelworkers Archives also have collected alot of information and photos from other local sources, that can be retrieved and passed on upon request. One of the more interesting requests that we received was from a woman looking for the Blueprints to a church at Quincy and Adams in Pueblo South. fortunately we had recently received from the city of Pueblo hundreds of blueprints to all kinds of buildings in Pueblo, most of them dating back to the first half of the twentieth century, and sure enough there was an original set from that church. We scanned all fifteen that were in the set, transferred them onto a USB drive and within a day she picked them up. This was an interesting process that I thoroughly enjoyed, as I asked myself what she might do with them. I never saw her when she picked them up to ask her, but I am sure that if she plans to remodel these will certainly come in handy.

We also recently got a collection of photos and newspaper stories from St. Mary Corwin Hospital. I took one large box of these and digitized them. It is a log process that starts by trying to identify what each photo or article is, filing it in a storage bin while scanning each piece so that it can be retrieved on the computer. These were very random pieces that dated back to 1887 to the early 2000’s. Most of them pertaining to the Hospital and its predecessor, Minnequa Hospital and the nursing school., and also annual reports dating back to 1904. These annual reports were full of old photographs and of course financial records. The most interesting one was from 1929 and had a three page memorial to Doctor Richard Corwin, who had dedicated his life to the care of CF&I employees.